Carrier’s zone

                         We are looking for carriers for long-term cooperation, which we reward with special conditions and privileges only for permanent subcontractors.

IN-VIA Sp. z o.o. provides services in the TSL sector.

We are constantly developing and maintaining the long range plan of creating fleet transport fleet and areas of operation with long term partnership.

Joining our ranks will provide you:

  • Signing a contract for an indefinite period with a company experienced in domestic and international transport,
  • Guarantee of regular monthly mileage,
  • Payment for each km traveled,
  • Drivers’ work in the selected 3/1 or 4/1 system,
  • Regular payment terms, including the possibility of using the “discount” service,
  • Possibility to use a fuel card (discounts, deferred payment terms).

Interested carriers are asked to submit a notification using the form below or send a message to the following address:

Contact form for carriers: